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Welcome to Lamington Eco - from dream to reality!

I remember the days when my dad Bob used to drive me out to Running Creek Valley, just beyond the Christmas Creek Valley, and tell me stories of how he wanted to run a homestead out here because there was permanantly running creeks and incredible wildlife. He'd say, "Randall, this valley is the most pristine place I have ever seen. If we can get a property out here, we would be the luckiest people in the world."

Today, his dream has become a reality at Lamington Eco, and we invite you to be a part of this incredible journey. Nestled in the magnificent embrace of Lamington National Park, we offer a sanctuary that combines the beauty of the untouched rainforest with modern comfort.

As we open our doors to you, we share the same sense of awe and appreciation for the pristine wilderness that my father once spoke of. Lamington Eco is not just a retreat; it's a testament to the remarkable connection between nature and the human spirit. It's where dreams of pristine valleys and the ancient rainforest come true.

In every rustle of leaves, every bird's song, and every crystal-clear creek, we find the same wonder that my father felt, and we're here to ensure that you experience it too. Our commitment to preserving and sharing this extraordinary piece of the world is unwavering.

Join us at Lamington Eco and immerse yourself in the legacy of dreams, nature's beauty, and the enchantment of Lamington National Park. Together, we'll create new stories and lasting memories that honor the legacy of a pristine valley and the dreams that became reality. Welcome to Lamington Eco, where your journey into nature's heart begins anew.

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